• WoD 23.12.16

    WoD 23.12.16

    Mixed classes LEVEL 1+LEVEL 2
    “Merry Christmas wod “
    25min As many reps as possible in pairs
    12min Amrap:
    25 Deadlift  -partition the reps by your team tactic
    L1: 40-60/25-35kg. L2: 70-90/40-60
    25 Push ups -partition the reps by your team tactic
    25 Box Jumps -partition the reps by your team tactic
    1min rest
    12min Amrap:
    25 synchronized back extensions (perform together at the same pace)
    25 synchronized situps ,throw a medicine ball to each other, every time you stand up.
    25 synchronized burpees( chest must touch simultaneously the floor ,and extend together)

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