• WoD 19.6.17

    WoD 19.6.17

    LEVEL 2
    Strength -18min
    every 2min x 9sets
    4 Pause Back Squat + 4-8 strict hspu(add deficit if possible)
    *work @moderate load,stay at the bottom pos for 3”,try to maintain perfect posture.

    5min transition time

    Metcon – 9min
    amrap in 9 min
    50 du or 40 or 30 or 20 or 10(choose a number that you can maintain this pace per minute)
    9 Overhead Squats @rx plus:45-55/30-40kg,rx:30-40/20-30kg
    Park run
    9 Power snatches

    LEVEL 1
    Strength – 18min
    every 2min x 9 sets
    4 strict pullups + 6 strict kb presses for each arm

    5min transition time

    Metcon – 9min
    amrap in 9min
    park run
    12 wall ball
    park run
    12 burpees

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