• WoD 12.7.17

    WoD 12.7.17

    LEVEL 2
    Assistant work-19min
    Alternate Emoms x 5rounds (19min)
    0-1: 3 ring mu or 4 assisted mu
    1-2: 13/10 kcal row/bike/ski
    2-3:6-9 strict deficit hspu

    5min transition time

    Amrap in 8min
    18 push-ups
    27 double unders

    LEVEL 1
    Every 2min x 10 sets
    5 deadlift-increase load every 2 sets
    At the last set Deload at 50% and go for amap.

    4min transition time

    21-15-9 for time
    Kb swings
    Jumping lunges alternating – intro ath: step lunges
    Box jumps

    Time cap: 8min

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