• WoD 14.3.18

    WoD 14.3.18

    Skill Day

    Warm up , Board briefing , Transition time – 10min

    LEVEL 2 + LEVEL 1

    Floor drills -10min

    Hollow aligator drills

    Knees to kb or partner assistance- tuck

    Knees to kb or partner assistance- pike

    Floor wipes

    immediately followed by:

    Strict Kn2els / T2b – 15min

    Work on strict kn2els.

    “IF” efficient enough , move to t2b drills

    immediately followed by:

    Strength Drills – 10min

    Progressive Around the word

    3min transition time

    Metcon – 6min

    Partner wod

    5 Rounds for both athletes , for time:

    Ath a: Performs 15 situps

    Ath b: Performs Arch hold

    *both athletes must perform 5sets of situps and 5 sets of arch holds

    time cap: 6min

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