• WoD 30.12.16

    WoD 30.12.16

    Mixed levels “bye bye 2016 WoD” In teams of 3 Amrap in 33min (because 2016/60=33min) Days: 365m row each athlete (1works,2 rest) Weeks: 52 wall ball partition for the reps by your team tactic Months:12 pullups  each  athlete (L2:C2b L1:pullups band assisted or box assisted) Year:16 synchronized burpees

  • WoD 29.12.16

    WoD 29.12.16

    LEVEL 2 Strength – 16min Every 2min x 5 set 1 snatch pull+Hang Power snatch+oh squat Immediately followed by Emom x 6min 1 snatch 5min transition time Metcon-12min 3 heavy snatches 12 push ups 14 pistols LEVEL 1 Strength -16min Every 2min x 8set 5 bench press + 1wall climb 5min transition time Metcon-12min Amrap

  • WoD 28.12.16

    WoD 28.12.16

    LEVEL 2 Metcon a -20min In teams of 3 For time 5k row Time cap 20min 5min transition time Metcon b.- 8 min 10 Mb situps 15 Kb thrusters – goblet pos. 10 mb situps 15 Kb sdlhp 10 Mb situps 15 Kb Power cleans (8left arm/7reps right arm) LEVEL 1 10min practice on jump

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