• WoD 31.5.17

    WoD 31.5.17

    LEVEL 2 Metcon -30min In teams of 3 5K/4K row for time Time cap 20min Immediately followed by 10min for max power output(load x reps) Of: Clusters LEVEL 1 In teams of 3 20min amrap Ath a runs 400m Ath b Kb swings Ath c box jumps Rotate every 400m run Immediately followed by 10min

  • WoD 30.5.17

    WoD 30.5.17

    LEVEL 2 Strength-18min Every 2min x 9set 4 back squat 5 min transition time Metcon-10min Amrap in 10min 10 pistols 10 heavy Kb russian swings 10 box jump overs LEVEL 1 Strength-18min Every 2min x 9set 8kb heavy strict press for each arm 1-2 wall climb Metcon-10min Amrap in 10min 7 thrusters 20-30/15-25kg 9 t2r

  • WoD 29.5.17

    WoD 29.5.17

    LEVEL 2 Strength- 16min Every 1:30 x 8 set -12min Above knees Snatch + Below knees Snatch Immediately followed by Every minute on the minute x 4 1 snatch 5min transition time Roma Throwdown WoD 1 9min amrap ladder 5sh2oh rx plus :70/45 rx50/30 10 pullups 10 sh20h 20 pullups 20 sh2oh 40pullups 40 sh2oh

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