• WoD 29.9.17

    WoD 29.9.17

    Cardiorespiratory Endurance LEVEL 2 Part a – 20min In a time window 20min* For time: 5 x 200m run / 30”rest 4 x 400m run / 1min rest 20 min time cap (the last set of 400m run does not followed by 1min rest,you rest till 20min) 1min transition time Part b – 10min For

  • WoD 28.9.17

    WoD 28.9.17

    Muscular Endurance LEVEL 2 Part a-10min Emom x 10min* Toes 2 bar rx plus :8reps , rx:6reps *if scale down the mvmnt ,do 10 reps 9 Strict presses rx plus:27,5kg/20 rx:20/10-15kg 12 squat *Scale down:4/7/10 *if scale down the t2b ,do 10 reps 5min transition time 5min transition time Part b -17min For total reps

  • WoD 27.9.17

    WoD 27.9.17

    Skill Day LEVEL 2 Part a-15min A: Accumulate 2:30 of HS inside a 1m square – if not efficient enough, ask for coaches help or partners help to hold your feet and help you with balance 5min cap B: EMOM x 5min rx plus:7reps rx:5reps Strict HSPU* *If HSPU are easy, add tempo (3down/1up), or

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