• WoD 14.11.17

    WoD 14.11.17

    Deload Week

    LEVEL 2 + LEVEL 1

    Part a – 18min

    For quality, not for time

    run approximately at you70-80% of max HR

    400m Run

    immediately followed by

    800m Run

    immediately followed by

    1000m run

    immediately followed by

    800m run

    immediately followed by

    400m run *

    time cap 18min

    *stick to the plan , do not push your tempo , train smart

    Remember you start at cf vl to achieve results and to get better, not just to train hard without a plan ,no matter what.

    Keep it fresh and hungry for the upcoming season. #better_than_yesterday #strength_cycle!

    Transition time 5min

    Part b-11min

    For Quality:

    Emom x 4rounds

    0-1 : 12 or 15 or 17 t2b or  kn2els or kn2chest

    1-2 : 12 or 15 or 17kcal row or ab or ski or 50 or 30du

    2-3 : rest

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