• WoD 14.12.17

    WoD 14.12.17

    Skill Day
    LEVEL 2
    Part a -15min
    0-1min : 3-5ring muscle ups
    1-2min : 16-18 pistols
    2-3min : 10m or 5m hand stand walk or 15m bear walk or 5 attempts for hs walk
    3-4min : rest

    5min transition time

    Part b -14min
    For time:
    75 kcal row/ski/ab *
    50 kb cleans – one arm , partition the reps as you want , 24-32/16-24kg
    10 bar mu or 15 c2b
    50 back rack step lunges 40/25-30kg
    75 Lateral jumps over the bar
    *you can begin either from the row/ski/ab or the lateral jumps
    14min time cap
    LEVEL 1
    Part a
    0-1min : attempt for 10-12 pistols with increased rom
    1-2min : attempts for max reps of kipping pull-ups
    2-3min : work on du or su
    3-4min :rest

    5min transition time

    Part b-14min
    For time:
    600m run w mb 9or6or4kg
    50 sdlhp w empty bar
    10 burpees/t2r complex
    50 step lunges -back rack -back step w empty bar
    600m run w mb 9or6or4kg
    time cap 14min

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