• 4.1.18


    Muscular endurance + (part b from Tuesday’s strength session)
    LEVEL 2
    Part a – 14min
    Every 2min x 7set
    Front Squat
    2@65%,2@72,5%,4×4@77.5%,4+@77.5%(leave 1-2reps)

    1min transition time (leave the bars at the place you did the Squats)

    Part b -12min
    EMOM x 4 rounds (12min)
    0-1: 10/8 Dips -rings or parallels
    1-2: 15/12 wall ball
    2-3: 50 or 35 or 20 du

    4min transition time

    Part c – 4min
    Rx plus: 30 Ring muscle up for time
    Rx: Amrap in 4min burpee-pull-ups or amrap of floor muscle ups or band assisted mu

    LEVEL 1
    Part a -14min
    Every 2min x 7set
    Strict Pullups

    1min transition time

    Part b -12min
    EMOM x 4 rounds (12min)
    0-1: 15/12 box jumps
    1-2: 20/15 sit-ups
    2-3: 18 jumping lunges alternating or step lunges

    4min transition time

    Part c-4min
    Amrap in 4min
    2min amrap of :kcal row/ski/an
    2min amrap of : one arm kb thrusters

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