• WoD 11.1.18

    WoD 11.1.18

    Skill Day

    LEVEL 2

    Warm up + assistant work

    15min Mobility

    LEVEL 2

    Part a-15min

    A: Accumulate 2:30 of HS inside a 1m square – if not efficient enough, ask for coaches help or partners help to hold your feet and help you with balance

    5min cap

    B: EMOM x 5min

    rx plus:7reps Strict HSPU

    rx:5reps Strict HSPU*

    *If HSPU are easy, add tempo (3down/1up), or move to free standing, wall facing etc. To maximize time under tension

    5min cap

    C: For Time: rx plus:40 Kipping HSPU , rx:25 kipping hspu – try to have rx range of motion

    5min cap

    5min transition time

    Part b-10min

    10min amrap

    2ring muscle ups

    4 kb snatch each arm rx plus:24/16 , rx:20/12

    8  Overhead step lunges rx plus:60/40 rx:40/25-30kg

    LEVEL 1

    Part a-15min

    A: Every 30sec x 10sets(5min)

    2 Strict Pull ups*

    *If easy, increase tempo till maximal effort

    5min cap

    B: 20 2”hollow pos hold+hollow rolls to arch position +2” arch pos hold, 20 Beat Swings on the pullup bar

    5min cap

    C: Every 30sec x 10sets(5min)

    3 Kipping Pull ups*

    *No butterfly

    5min cap

    5min transition time

    Part b.-10min

    Amrap in 10min

    2 wall climb

    8 pistols alternating

    16 mb russian twists alternating

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