• WoD 22.1.18

    WoD 22.1.18

    31 days till the CrossFit Open

    LEVEL 2

    Part a – 22min

    Every 2min x 4 – 8min

    Hang Snatch triples

    4×3 , 70%,75%,75%,80%

    2min transition time

    Every 2min x 6 -12min

    Front Squat

    5×5@70% , 5+@70%(leave 2-3)

    5min transition time

    Part b – 7min

    #18pointzero is meant to give you a taste of the #CrossFitOpen and remind you of the magic that happens when you come together as a #community and push a little harder than you thought you could.

    The Open isn’t about qualification for most. It’s about participation and celebration.


    For time of:

    Dumbbell* snatches 22.5/15 , scaled: 15/10 or 10/7.5 kg

    Burpees over the dumbbell (make sure you understood the new movement standars for scaled and rxd version)

    LEVEL 1

    Every 2min x 4 – 8min


    4×5 , 75%,80%,80%,85%

    2min transition time

    Every 2min x 6 -12min

    Strict Pullups


    5min transition time

    Part b

    Modified open 18.0

    25 – 18 – 11 for time

    Kettlebell one arm swings 24/16 or 20/12kg



    This equipment (dumbbell) is very easy to break and you r not allowed to drop the dumbbell from any position to the floor.

    Dropping the dumbbells penalty:

    knee -floor : 20 db man makers(push up/renegade rows/cluster)

    hips – floor: 40 db man makers

    shoulders -floor: 60 db man makers

    overhead -floor : don’t wanna know

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