• WoD 23.1.18

    WoD 23.1.18

    LEVEL 2 + LEVEL 1
    Part a -27min

    Partner wod – for time
    4 x 500m row ,athletes alternate sets of 500m(2each)
    immediately followed by
    6 x 400m run ,athletes alternate sets of 400m(3each)
    immediately followed by
    8 x 15 T2b L1:T2r, athletes alternate sets of 15reps(4each)
    27min time cap

    2min transition time

    Part b – 6min
    400m run
    the remaining time
    amrap burpees
    Immediately followed by
    500m row
    the remaining time amrap box jumps

    score is the sum of burpees + box jumps

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