• WoD 29.1.18

    WoD 29.1.18

    2nd week of the last macrocycle of strength – 10 sessions remaining.

    24 days till the crossfit games open 2018

    5min general warm up – coach’s choice

    LEVEL 2

    Strength session

    Part a – 26:30

    Specific Warm up – 7min

    load up progressively till you reach your 70-75% of your training max (3rm)

    immediately followed by:

    Every 2min x 5 – 10min

    Bellow Knees Snatch doubles

    5×2 , 80%,85%,85%,90%,95%

    2min transition time

    Every 1:30min x 5 – 7:30min

    Front Squat

    4×3@82,5%,3+@82,5%(leave 1-2reps)

    4:30 transition time

    Part b – 6min

    2rounds for total reps

    1min double db or kb step lunges – front step – front rack – choose your load

    1min db russian twists(1rep = both sides twist)

    1min db snatches (one arm -alternating – power -from the floor)

    LEVEL 1

    Muscular endurance session

    Part a – 18min

    Every 2min x 9set

    4 Step lunges for each leg – mb front rack

    6 Push Ups

    8 Wall ball

    6min transition time

    Part b – 10min

    Amrap in 10min

    10 T2R

    10 Box Jumps

    10 Kb russian Swings w/ heavy kb

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