• WoD 20.2.18

    WoD 20.2.18

    3days till the CrossFit Open 2018! -SIGN UP NOW

    *It is not a competitive race, it is a fitness party every friday!

    *You don’t have to be “ready”! – There is a scale down division and also ages divisions.

    *It is all about finding your spot among 400.000 athletes , challenge yourself , having fun with the community!

    LEVEL 2 + LEVEL 1

    Part a . -14min

    3 rounds for total reps

    40”work / 20’’rest ,then move to the next station


    b.Burpees box jump overs

    c.Db Snatches L2: 22,5/15 scaled: 15-17.5/10-12.5  L1:10-15/7.5-12.5kg

    ***dont drop the dumbbells!!!

    d.Wall ball 11/9 , 9/6 , 6/4


    6min transition time

    Part b.-12min

    Mixed levels partner wod

    Amrap in 12min

    5 Deadlift each L2:110/75 rx:85/60-70 , L1:50-70/25-40kg

    10 Double db power cleans,each  @ L2: 22,5/15 scaled: 15-17.5/10-12.5  L1:10-15/7.5-12.5kg

    ***Mechanics first, then intensity. -Maintain perfect lower back position!

    15 PullUps each @rx plus:c2b , L1: 10 kipping pull-ups each

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