• WoD 12.3.18

    WoD 12.3.18

    Skill Day
    LEVEL 2 + LEVEL 1
    Warm up , Board briefing , Transition time – 10min
    Part a – 35min
    -Hollow/Arch – 10min
    alligator drills , armadillo drills
    immediately followed by:
    -Grip technique and strength drills -10min
    wrist push ups progressions
    barbell/db curls-extensions-rotations
    hanging holds
    immediately followed by:
    -Ring Rows/Pullups -15min
    Lat activation,Points of force application,Ring row Sequence
    “IF” and only “IF” ,the movement executed perfectly and you can perform 10unbroken good reps, move to the next pull ups progressions(elastic bands not allowed – work on your body awareness and strength):
    Lat activation on the bar,Lat activation with a pause before pulling up,Pull Up-lats activate while pulling up and the shoulders follow an natural line of action back and up simultaneously.

    3min transition time

    Metcon – 6min
    For total reps:
    4sets of tabata squats immediately followed by: 4sets of tabata push ups immediately followed by:4sets of tabata burpees

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