• WoD 19.3.18

    WoD 19.3.18

    Skill Day

    Part a – 24min

    -Headstand drill -12min

    Knees on elbows

    Knees off elbows and tuck to chest

    Extend one leg up , bring it back, then do the same with the other leg

    Full headstand

    immediately followed by:

    -Hand Balance drills -12min

    Bent arm frog stand

    Straight arm frog stand

    Tuck planche

    3min transition time

    Part b – 8min

    Partner wod

    amrap in 3min

    athletes alternate rounds of :

    10 Double Db power clean L2  rx+ : 17.5 – 22.5/12-15 , rx:12-17.5 / 7.5-12.5kg , L1:7.5-12.5kg/5-10

    immediately followed by:

    amrap in 3min


    10 Wallball L2 rx+:11/9 rx – L1: 6-9/4-6kg

    immediately followed by:

    2min amrap

    synchronised burpees

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