• WoD 2.4.18

    WoD 2.4.18

    Skill Day


    Part a – 19min

    Headstand – 9min

    Work for 2min on:

    Knees on elbows

    Work for 2min on:

    Knees off elbows and tuck to chest

    Work for 2min on:

    Extend one leg up , bring it back, then do the same with the other leg

    Work for 3min on:

    Full headstand

    1min transition time

    -Hand Balance -9min

    Work for 3min on:

    Bent arm frog stand

    Work for 3min on:

    Straight arm frog stand

    if efficient enough move to the next progression , otherwise keep on practising you level progressions.

    Work for 3min on:

    From Straight arm frog stand, bring one leg to the chest, then the other.

    If efficient enough, try to : Tuck planche

    5min transition time

    M.ΔΕΥΤΕΡΑ wod

    It is a benchmark wod.That means a funny test about our Fitness condition.

    You are not allowed to adjust the wod options.Make sure you choose the one that fits you better and give your best shot to finish in the time cap.


    3 rounds for time

    400m run

    21kb swings 24/16kg

    12 pull ups

    12min time cap

    Scale down option a:

    3 rounds for time

    400m run

    21kb swings 16-20/8-12kg

    12 band assisted pull-ups

    Scale down option b:

    3 rounds for time

    2park run

    15kb swings 16-20/8-12kg

    10 ring rows

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