• WoD 5.4.18

    WoD 5.4.18

    10min warm up board briefing , preparation+transition time

    Μ.Πέμπτη WoD


    For time:

    1mile run*


    200push ups


    1mile run

    time cap 50min


    scale option a

    For time:

    1k run*


    150push ups


    1k run


    scale option b *

    For time

    800m run


    100push ups

    150 squats

    800m run

    ***from the rx’d version of the wod you can partitionate the gymnastics as you want(20 rounds of :cindy , etc)

    ***also,from the rx’d version of the wod, you can try it with a weight vest 10/5kg (if you have already done it more than 3times in your crossfit life)

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