• WoD 27.4.18

    WoD 27.4.18

    Skill Day

    LEVEL 2 + LEVEL 1

    Part a – 20min

    Work for 10min on

    Pistols progressions

    choose the one that fits you and do sets of 10 alternating every minute on the minute.

    If efficient enough , add load with a plate front rack.

    immediately followed by:

    Work for 10min on

    kb turkish get ups

    5min transition time

    Part b – 10min

    2rounds for total reps

    1min each station

    0-1: row/ski/ab (kcals)

    1-2: air squat

    2-3: double db hang power clean n press L2 rx+:17.5-22.5/15-17.5 , rx:15-17.5kg/10-15kg , L1:7.5-12.5/5-10kg

    3-4: double unders or single unders

    4-5: pullups

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