• WoD 2.5.18

    WoD 2.5.18

    LEVEL 2 + LEVEL 1

    15min warm up + board briefing

    Part a – 20min


    6min Strength work with partner

    Tuck leg to parallel(touch the bar and back to an l-sit) – tuck position

    Pike leg to parallel(touch the bar and back to an l-sit) – pike position

    immediately followed by:

    4min Strength work with partner

    Around the word – work on and find your height progression with the help from your partner and the woodstick.

    3min Individual work:

    For quality: ***Bent knees toes 2 bar from a complete hang to feet touching the bar -strict.

    ***MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BTWN BENT KNEES T2B AND STRAIGHT LEGS T2B, and you can perform both of them – (Virtuosity)

    immediately followed by :


    Ring Rows/Pull ups – 5min

    Perform as many quality reps as possible in the given time frame

    if ring rows executed perfectly and you are able to perform 10good reps in a row,move onto the pull-up bar.

    7min transition time + wod warm up

    LEVEL 2

    10min capacity time

    Buy in:

    50/35 kcal row/ski/ab

    40 mb situps 11/9 , 9/6 , 6/4

    30 wallball

    20 lateral jumps over the bar

    The remaining time establish max load lifted for 10 reps of:

    of Clean n Jerk

    score is the load you lifted for 10reps (load x 10reps)

    LEVEL 1

    For time

    800m Run

    40 kb front rack – alternating step lunges , use heavy kb

    30 kb swings

    20 kb sdlhp

    10 kb goblet strict presses

    5   kb goblet thrusters

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